CE Approved Equipment Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Product Details

Stone Shot Blasting Machine is mainly used for surface roughening treatment of marbles, granites, concrete blocks.

The working principle: different sized abrasive, thrown by the rapidly rotating blast wheel, is accelerated towards the surface being prepared. Huge impact force of the abrasive quickly etches a unique three-dimensional character of the surface.

The products processed in this way have a high quality surface appearance without overlapped and dead zone, it also have high productivity efficiency and low cost.

Comparison with the old power blader and singeing process method, it have higher efficiency and lower cost, and if connected to our dust collector, the dust and contaminants will be recycled automatically at a very low dust emission level, which comply with EU environmental standards. It has a strong market competition and prospective application in stone industry.

The stone through shot blasting machine is mainly used for marble, simple components, small casting surface cleaning to remove surface rust, dirt, scale, sand casting, so that the workpiece to play rust, decontamination, strengthen clear the role of the sand, to improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece, and ultimately improve the surface and internal quality purposes.

Marble shot blasting machine is suitable for marble, granite, floor tile and other stone material and surface treatment of the municipal facilities engineering material. marble stone material surface shot blasting machine, clean up the shot blasting machine to be able to in the original state of marble, granite, the surface of the ground brick with powerful shot, on the surface of the marble, floor tile prevent slippery processing and beautification

Our stone shot blasting machine describe and show :

This machine with continuous feeding and high efficient continuous operation , has large processing batch, in cleaning process,when the workpiece is feeded in the blasting area of chamber by the frequency conversion motor drive roller with electric control ,each side of the whole body gets powerful and intensive shot hit and friction from different coordinate azimuth ,thus make the oxide skin and dirt of the stone surface quickly drop,so as to get around bright and clean surface with certain roughness surfac

The machine is suitable for surface treatment of various stone,tile,marble,floor tiles. after treatment ,the stone surface with high non-skid property, good planeness and strong third dimension win good reputation from many clients.

This machine with big batch processing and high efficiency, can produce more than 1200M2 common artificial stone block per shift, even 800 M2 for hardness stone, and leave the hurt to human body by collector treatment,

In today increasing development of the stone processing technology ,this technology undoubtedly fill up the blank of stone roughness processing ,supply one new try for the stone use, and provide a brand-new field in stone facing materials for building designers. In modern stone industrial field, this newly processing technic must get large develop, with novelty, inexpensive, well-adapted, good decorative charicteristics, the blasting matt surface products will bring out extensive apply spaces.

Technology Patameter:

Max. Cleaning dimension(W*H)600*400mm800*400mm1000*400mm1200*400mm
Passing speed0.5-7m/min0.5-7m/min0.5-7m/min0.5-7m/min
Blast Wheel assemblyModelKT160

Dust collecting typeBag filters
Dust collecting systemTotal ventilation capacity7000m3/h10000m3/h10000m3/h20000m3/h